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Cool Packs - Cool Pack
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Cost : Rs. 315.00
Odessey Cool Pack is a complete stress reliever. It is an ideal daily practice before sleep. It helps allaying tired eyes, red eyes, watery eyes, conjunctivities, insomania and sinusitis. The usage is most recommended by opthalmologist for individuals exposed to computer screens, TV, Intense lights, driving, high pollution & dusty wind environment regularly. Completely safe and convenient .

How do they benefit us:-

•Promote healing Inflammatory conditions such as tendonitis, “pinched nerves”, and nerve compression syndromes such as carpal tunnel benefit from icing.
•Helps relieve swelling Ice and cold treatments constrict blood vessels, helping to decrease swelling.
•Relieve Puffy Eyes Gel-filled masks designed for this purpose can be stored in the refrigerator. Pull one out whenever you need it, and allow it to rest on your puffy eyes for 10 to 20 minute.

Our Cool Pack is widely used in:
#Home Facial
#Stressed eyes
#Sting & insect bites
#Nose bleeding
#Sports injuries
#Controlling temperature in fevers
#Bruises & bumps (Over an antiseptic dressing)
#Minor burns & cuts
#Sprains & Strains
#Tension, headache and migraine
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