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Heating Pads - Knee Heating Pads
For Online Payment Free Shipping (for India Only) and For COD Shiiping Charges Rs.199/- per Item with 1 Year Warranty.
Cost : Rs. 990.00
Our Knee heating pads are designed to apply heat exactly where it’s needed, safely and hygienically. These easy-to-use heating pads contain advanced patented heating elements which transmit heat into the joints and surrounding soft tissues.
Relieves pain
Improves blood circulation
Reduces tension and stress
Helps remove toxins
Improves immune system
Improves flexibility
Relaxes muscles spasms and joint stiffness
Speeds up cellular healing
Heat energy improves blood circulation in the affected area. This improves your body’s ability to remove waste, such as dormant cells and lactic acid, from muscle fibers, significantly improving your ability to recover after a sports injury. Upon entering the human body heat energy causes a warming effect by activating molecules and body cells. Heat energy activates the cells, increases blood vessel resilience and promotes cellular functioning.
Best of all, Heat energy provides
fast, effective pain relief to sore muscles and joints.
The Heat pads increase blood circulation and oxygen supply to tissues, promoting relaxation and comfort, inducing sleep and relieving stress.
The Heat therapy can effectively improve local blood circulation of the humanbody, promote the absorption of exudation, weaken the tension of the body, so it has function of analgesia and anti-inflammation. It is mainly used for muscle pain.
Knee Heating pads are safe and easy to control and each model is ergonomically designed to be flexible and provide heat where it is needed. The heating pad promotes vasodilation and has been measured to increase the volume of blood flow by over 200% and the rate of blood flow by 89%, without over heating the surface of the skin.

VOLTAGE(Operable at low voltages too)
220-250 volts Ac
50-60 HZ
VOLTAGE(Operable at low voltages too)
220-250 volts Ac
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